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<p>We offer affordable high-impact, information-rich websites that compel your target to spend time on your site and opt-in to engagement and offers.... </p> <p>Running your company is a busy job and social media can easily get left behind, even though it’s essential to driving traffic to your website to keep your search engine ranking on the rise! We can help you with... </p> <p>Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) starts with keyword  research that will be targeted to your company’s identified personas (a persona is an imaginary “ideal customer”).We will... </p> <p>Our firm delivers full inbound marketing capabilities based on a best-in-class software platform.  Inbound marketing is fueled by content that grows and appreciates over time.  We can deliver a measurable and sustainable ROI through a strategy ... </p>

SEO packages

  • Gold

    $200 per month ($350 set up fee)
    • Submits listings to over 300 websites including Search Engines, Maps, Online Directories, Mobile Apps, SIRI, GPS, In Car Navigation, Telematics(OnStar), and Video Sites. Combines the Basic and the Premium Packages plus :
    • • A highly optimized profile for search and maximized traffic from the web, social, and mobile.
      • The SEO benefits of content such as video, articles, and blogs.
      • 30 second video that is distributed on major video sites like YouTube, BingVideo and can be added to your website. Your video will be added to your listing on directory sites that allow videos like Google + Local.
      • Set up of Social Sites like Facebook, and Twitter.
      • Set up of Blogs on sites like Blogger.
      • Set up of Blogs on sites like Blogger
      • Mobile Apps like CityMaps,
      • Relevant sites related to your business like AttorneyFee,
      • Ongoing SEO & Marketing support.